May 22, 2006

Published Pieces

The American Prospect

Taking Back the States: Jan/Feb 2007 cover profiling Eliot Spitzer, Deval Patrick, and Ted Strickland.

Strategic Two-Fers: The politics of policy, or how Democrats can do well by doing good. 

Spin Me Right Round: The real meaning of the 2006 election.

Risk Assessment: A roundtable on Jacob Hacker's The Great Risk Shift.

The Man in Me: How I learned to dress.

Don't Look Away: Time to stop ignoring AIDS.  Yeah, you.

 The Rise of the Republicrats: Small government conservatism is dying.  But is the left ready for what will take its place?

 Learned Aggressiveness: Win or lose, the netroots and Ned Lamont have made cowardice costly.

 Take a Pay Cut: The case for raising congressional salaries.

Chicken Wing: The West Wing is over.  Thank God.

The New, New Gore: April 2006 cover story on Gore's post-election rehabilitation, his chances in 2008, and his attempts to forge a paradigm for political communication.

Poverty is Back: February 2006 feature on the timidity of progressive thought on poverty and synthesis of what a new War on Poverty would look like.

So You Say You Want a Deevolution?:  Newt Gingrich is making a comeback, and it's going to work.

Credit Hog: The pundits love Mitt Romney's health reform.  Only problem is, he's not the guy to thank.

European Shades of Green: Yeah, Europeans are better environmentalists than us.  So what?  So it's going to make them rich, that's what.

Net Effects: Online activists are finally maturing into an interest group.  If only they knew what they were interested in.

Reforming for Quality: A review of two health care books.

Sophomore Slump: Legendary Democratic thinkers Elaine Kamarck and William Galston has a follow-up to their classic paper, The Politics of Evasion.  Too bad the sequel disappoints.

The Los Angeles Times

Too Soon For Obama: Make him prove himself, first.

California Nightmare: Why does the Golden State's gubernatorial race suck so much?

The Job Hillary Clinton Should Want: Why she should run for Senate leadership, not president.

A Rising Tide That Lifts Only Yachts: What good's a strong economy if it's pummeling the middle class?

Paycheck Protection or Partisan Ploy: In case you were wondering, it's the latter.

The New Republic

Can We Stop Paying Attention to Charles Murray Now?:  Well?

The Washington Monthly

Flat Lines and Bottom Lines: A review of Maggie Mahar's Money-Driven Medicine.  In my opinion, my best book review.

Power Trippi: How Howard Dean's people powered movement engineered his downfall.


The Medical Malpractice Myth: Tort reform is bunk.  The real medical malpractice crisis isn't in the courts, it's on the operating table.

Campus Progress

The Kids Aren't Alright: At least, not if they get sick.  A look at the health insurance crisis among high school and college grads.

How To be A Conservative Pundit in Three Easy Traits: I've always loved this piece.  An examination of the conservative movement's cadre of cookie-cutter young pundits.

To Leave or Not to Leave?: My debate with The New Republic's Adam Kushner on the logic of withdrawal from Iraq.

Clash of the Titans: Big Telecom wants to screw up the internet.  Big Internet has some objections.

Wage-ing War on Immigrants: Beware conservatives in progressive clothing.  A debunking of concerns over immigration's effects on low-wage labor.

The LA Weekly

Oh Happy Day, Bush Won: Why you should be glad Bush won the election.  Piece is looking pretty damn prescient, actually.

The Pros and Cons of John McCain: Exactly what it sounds like.

Meet The Anti-Arnold: Phil Angelides is the nerd you've been waiting for.

Getting Out The Youth Vote (Or Not): 2004 was our fault.

Bill's Gone Wild: Your guide to O'Reilly's sexual harassment strategies.

Blogorrhea: What you should be reading.

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