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May 05, 2005



I couldn't agree more.

Brad Plumer

"That's how they beat Cleland"

Well... Cleland was a dismal candidate regardless. I'm not sure the cheapshot Osama ads were what swung that election.

Robert Zimmerman

Why did Ronald Reagan fire those air traffic controllers in 1981?
Ummmm....'cause they walked off the job?

Kevin Drum

Well, OK, a bit nitpicky though. Bush made union busting a key issue in the 2002 election by threatening to bust a union and thus forcing Dems to oppose his DHS plans. It was cleverly played, but union busting was still at the heart of it.


I guess that's my nit, that union busting wasn't the heart of it, getting Dems to oppose the DHS was. I agree with your post, I just think that a recognition of unions as a powerful force in social life wasn't the rationale for the Bush admin's move.

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