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May 05, 2005


Robert Zimmerman

One of the real issues that many miss is that FICA is a payroll tax for employees and self employed only. Many of the very high income earners don't get that big of a paycheck, but get other remuneration that is not subject to this tax such as incentive stock options, dividends, capital gains, etc.
I doubt you will capture that much more by raising the ceiling....at least not as much as you think you will.......


You're the man, Ezra (and a true son of R. Ball). The Ball piece seems to have been written before Bush got his estate tax repeal, so their is ZERO chance he'd back out of this 'victory'. So some other juicy tax source will have to be selected.

I like Ball's idea of forcing all NEW state and local government workers into Soc. Sec. (some already are).

How about consolidating some other government retirement trusts (railroad workers, etc.) into Soc. Security?

BTW: the new site design is good. But the content is really the attraction.


Changes still not fixed. Think the shrub will read post ?

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