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May 05, 2005



I think you've hit it spot-on. I'd add that the retail workers in communities where wal-mart is the only retailer will organize for their own protection. If there's no countervailing power to wal-mart as employer, the employees will create one. (shameless plug alert) More here.

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Our goods would be cheaper if we allowed slave labor, but we don't. They'd also be cheaper if we allowed child labor, still no go. They'd be cheaper if we didn't have environmental regulations and stopped demanding that garment factories have proper regulation, but again, we hold firm.

I think the plan is to tackle those heinous regulatory burdens after the '08 GOP landslide.


The trackbacks are my fault, I forgot to turn them on. Fixed it for future posts.


I do not shop at Wal-Mart. I've been there twice, it was unpleasant. Huge parking lot, huge store. It is a chore. I'm chugging a long at the bottom of the middle class, but I wouldn't go there even if I didn't think they represented an evil ethos. How many $6.00 tshirsts does anyone need? Seems like they sell a lot of schlock. Is that true? They sell food now is it really cheap? I bet it's crap with additives and factory farmed, genetically engineered, etc. A place like that just lowers quality of life.

John I

Other low-cost retailers are actually price competitive with Wal Mart (e.g. Costco) and manage to pay their workers more. It's a false choice.

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