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May 05, 2005



Still all mushed up...


Try reloading?

Sigh -- I know nothing


Looking good now in Firefox.

Ethical Werewolf

Sorry, it's still a mess. The text is bigger, but the smushing continues.

verplanck colvin

sorry, bud. Still the same

Mr Furious

Still screwed up in Safari. the Mini-blog is at the top (starting about halway down the photo) and goes all the way across -- even runns behind the right-hand column. Since I'm using Safari, obviously I'm running a Mac...but it does work in Explorer...

Good luck! This is the kind of thing that keeps my blog at blogger...though I had a similar Safari display-related issue with them a month or so ago. I don't know what it was. It suddenly appeared, and after a few weeks, disappeared.


Sorry Ez. Smushed in Mozilla (Seamonkey) too. 917MDST

Shakespeare's Sister

Something happened when you transferred over the new template, it looks like. I'll take a look at it as soon as I have a chance. (The test blog appears perfectly on a lower res screen I'm using, but not the main blog. I'll try to figure it out ASAP.)


Looks good from Konqueror 3.4 running under SuSE linux. That is a similar engine (KHTML) to Safari, so I'd say it probably works there too.


It came up wonky in Firefox, but a reload fixed it. Safari got it right the first time.


The header only contains "Ezra Klein" white-on-blue in a very short line, no picture, no "Tomorrow's Media Conspiracy Today". Opera 7.54u2

Waldo Jaquith

Still the badness. Safari 1.3.


I like the design.

'Fraid the reality doesn't match.


Looks fine to me, using Safari 1.3.

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