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May 05, 2005



Making the font size smaller does not improve readability. Firefox 1.03


Header image on archive pages.


Peter -- that'll be fixed.

ETnGuy -- you're saying the font's too small as is? Huh.


Miniblog line spacing definitely needs smaller value, but font size may be OK if you switch the miniblog font family to Verdana - like the middle column - a sans serif font, instead of the serif font - which is always harder to read online. Some artsy people like mixing sans serif and serif fonts for text, but readers eyes work better if the content is in the same font.

fiat lux

Dump the miniblog.


Hey Ezra, I posted a screen-cap of what it looks like now (sorry for the lousy compression):

That's Opera 7.54u2 browser, 1024x768 screen res. HTH.


Agree with lux, dump the miniblog. you already have a recent entries link and rss. so what is the point


oh yeah, happy 21st birthday.


I think you guys aren't getting the miniblog idea -- it's not my recent entries, it's interesting links from elsewhere on the web that I want to point folks to, but don't want to post on.


THe site looks great in my Firefox. The font size is good. I can't see a reason to make it smaller. Some sites have the type miniscule. It is impossible to read; well, damn hard.

The new banner is sharp...errr cool! :)


Change the name of "Miniblog" to something more inline with your concept of "other or current important opinions"


You might consider thining down the header - while it lookes cool, it takes up a lot of screen real estate.

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