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April 05, 2005



Put a little radio tag in their ears. I'll bring tranq darts!

Ginger Yellow

I think the answer is that he just ran out of Iran Contra crooks. Ollie North will be getting the call fairly soon.

Matt Singer

You know, it isn't just in a the blogosphere. There are a lot of Matts period. Yglesias goes by Matthew on his blog so that can be done. Thankfully, Mat Gross dropped one 't'. That still doesn't help with the Singer/Stoller problem (neither does Matt S.). I've had the same problem at my new writing job with New West, I'm doing profiles of enviros. Last week it was a Matthew. This week it was a Matt.

You could simply call me by my last name, as many of my friends do.


It is simply stupid,...to deny that all or any of this would have happened without ... Bush. (emphasis mine)

Deny? Who would deny it but a Republican?


Speaking of Matts, Ezra, another one of them just called you out again:


Not that I'm trying to start a fight or anything. Seriously! :)


A while back, when Atrios would refer to "Big Media Matt" I thought he meant Matt Drudge (I didn't used to click on all the links back then). I couldn't figure out why everyone was so anti-Drudge--he seemed fairly liberal. ;)


"Speaking of Matts, Ezra, another one of them just called you out again"

Yep, I seem to have become Matt Y's sparring partner lately. Anyway, just posted a counter.

Nick Beaudrot

I disagree.

The "big four" cabinet appointments, with the possible exception of Rice, do not shine so favorably on Bush.

Rumsfeld is still SecDef despite presiding over poor post-conflict planning, contract messiness, and Abu Gharib.

Snow is still at the Treasury, basically because no self-respecting economist is willing to write cheerleading copy for the Bush administration. One third of all top-tier Treasury positions are currently unfilled for the same reason.

Alberto Gonzales. Enough said.

That leaves Rice, whose major field of expertise prior to 2000 was studying a country and form of government that doesn't really exist anymore. True, Rice has removed a number of hardliners from her list of direct reports, which is worth something. But not too much.

Stephen Anderson

As Jed Bartlet said, "post hoc, ergo propter hoc," (after it, therefore because of it.)

This simple yet powerful bit of sophistry is universally used to try to explain how many "good" things happen because someone "does" something.

In this case, Bush farted, and Saudi Arabia wrinkled its nose. Mubarek read the tea leaves, and Lebanon got pissed. But to say that Bush's flatulence made the world smell better is, well, simple minded. And thus go the Republicans.

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