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April 20, 2005


Ginger Yellow

I think the reason Steve and Josh's single-issue efforts have worked so well is almost entirely due to their professional journalist status. For a start it means they can dedicate all their resources to chasing the story, putting the calls in and so on, ensuring there is a steady stream of interesting and informative posts. Second, beltway people pay attention to them (in many cases have a journalistic relationship with them), and go to them with news and info that would probably be unavailable to pure bloggers. Nevertheless, I'm sure you're right that every issue will have a dedicated blog - after all, if we can have dedicated blogs for Gannon or Eason Jordan, for Christ's sake, why not universal healthcare and tort reform?


It's interesting to see this sort of single-issue clearinghouse blog emerge, and more interesting to watch it play a significant role in its fights.

That was exactly the tactic I employed - albeit on a smaller scale - in trying to raise awareness and activism on behalf of Lauren Rainey, the young trach-dependent girl whose private duty nursing was slated for termination by Alabama Medicaid. Atrios got the ball rolling with his initial post on the case, which is how I learned of it. I made it my business to post early and often on Lauren, compiling news summaries and contact info for relevant media, Medicaid officials, and elected officials. It would certainly have gone for naught had the good folks at MichaelMoore.com not directed thousands of readers in my direction; I think the combination of traffic and information (and the separate efforts of others) helped make a difference.

The "clearinghouse model" seems a natural for blogs.


War and Piece is also good for Bolton blogging. She pretty much transcribed the last-minute fireworks in the Senate committee yesterday in real time.


Liberals against Terrorism trackbacks don't work -- just to note agreement with Ezra re the politics of the nuclear option in our info/thoughts on further political wrinkles.

Steve Clemons

Just a note to Ezra and friends. I promise to get back to broad commentary. I readily admit to letting Bolton run over on my blog -- and there are structural reasons why I found this a necessary thing to do if we were gonig to win this battle. More on that later -- but I will get back to the fun stuff. Thanks for the interesting blog, Ezra -- I am a fan and stop in frequently (when not trying to Un-Bolt John Bolton) ;-) All the best, Steve Clemons


Just a suspicion re:the way things are done. GWB stands by his man and Bolton retires so as not to embarass the boss.


I have to say, kudos to the Senate Democrats, not just for this, but also for keeping their powder (relatively) dry through Rice and Gonzalez. Though they were miserable toadies, at least they were competent miserable toadies. Though they suck, they won't be the unmitigated distaster that Bolton will be if he gets through. Bolton is so odious that we have a real chance to make a difference and won't pay for it. Good play-calling.

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