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March 31, 2005



I think Drum overstates the case, and a certain type of national sales tax could probably be effective and appealing to liberals. A sales tax that exempted basic necessities such as home purchases (up to the geographically-adjusted median home value or x% above that), and non-luxury food and clothing items could be progressive while simplifying the national tax scheme and discouraging consumption (and encouraging savings).


Uh oh - I just suggested we pay for George Will's remedial math lessons over at Angrybear. But that will mean even more government spending down the tubes.

the drunken cheerleader

Oh o.k. little georgie. You can have your national sales tax if you will stop telling us how wonderful baseball is. The only thing wonderful about it is that it reduces the need for sleeping pills.


Randy -- the revenue lost from homes, cars, food, etc would mean everything else needs an absoltely prohibitive tax. If we're going to keep it at 20% (actually impossible, but assuming we could), it'd have to be on every facet of American life. The more things you exempt the less revenue is projected to come in, the only way to square the two are draconian cuts (not feasible) or taxing all non-exempted items at a higher and higher rate. Soon your CD costs $26 and you hate the government.

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