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March 31, 2005



Let's not kid ourselves. We love wars (when we win). My generation was raised on John Wayne movies- westerns and wars. Since then we've had Patton, Rambo, Rocky, Die Hard, and the Terminators. A large segment of Americans love their guns and hate things like "diplomacy" and "negotiations". How much attention do we pay to civilian casualties that we cause in other countries? Why have we tolerated torture? Perhaps we love war because we've never been conquered and occupied. We may not want an empire, but we need to be Number One.


Actually, I think that since WWII, there has been general agreement at least in the West and most of Asia that a world dominated by the US was a good world. No other nations would have been trusted to be the underpinning of global order, nor would they have been capable. But things are changing, for reasons that go beyond the Bush adminstration's approach to the world.

Dave Justus

Someone is going to be top dog. I can't think of any other country that would have the capability which I would trust with the position.

Europes demographic issues mean even if they wanted the job, they probably couldn't do it. That leaves China and Russia and perhaps India as possibles. India is the closest thing to a nation we could trust in that position and I don't think they are ready.

Of course two or more relatively equal competing nations can be stable for a time, but that is more expensive and dangerous than a single one.


I think you are putting too much emphasis on your white man's burden analogue.

Most Americans think that their country is a good place. Even I, a liberal passionately opposed to George W. Bush, thinks that the good ol' U.S. of A. is the best place in the world to live and will certainly remain so through the end of this decade.

Americans like being number one in the world for the same reasons they like the hero to save the world and get the girl in an action flick. Having the big army and the best economy is just like having the biggest house on the block. It's the sort of belief that Max Weber would have a field day with, that there are tangible signs of being morally superior to other countries.


Countries with "nice comfy social net" such as Sweden and Switzerland.

Of course they wouldn't have been able to survive if Imperial Germany had won WW1 or Nazi Germany had won WW2 or Soviet Russia had won WW3.

Sometimes you have to stand up and fight for what you believe is right "whatever the cost may be" (Winston Churchill 1940).

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