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March 31, 2005



My god. That's becoming vast. That's about the 6th time I've seen a link to that. And if it's real...

Well. I actually think it's real. It's pathetic, and frankly for those people in the retail/service sector, it's an everyday think.

So sad.

Darius Rucker

Just imagine if she didn't follow the poor, but very professional, dispatcher's advice--in ten minutes the Burger King people would call the police on her. It's like something from Arrested Development, or Jessica Simpson.

And I wonder, do you dare tell anyone about calling the cops because BK didn't get your order right? What could her husband/boyfriend's reaction have been? The stunned look of incomprehension on the face of the first person who heard this--you did WHAT? And just how quickly did the cops realize they HAD to smuggle this tape out to the world?

The thing that makes it all worth it though--a great story for the kids to tell their college friends. Or psychiatrists.




For being batshit insane, she's remarkably calm.

Ed Thibodeau

Could that possibly be authentic??? I'll set myself up for future suckerhood by going on record as saying I buy it. We know there are people that nuts in the world. How else could George Bush get to be president?


I saw a situation like that in the offing at Jamba Juice...it didn't degenerate that far, but I thought the disgruntled customer was going to stick his porsche-keys into the poor smoothie-making high-school kid behind the counter.

BJ Chavez

My aunt is a police dispatcher and her comments were as follows:

"I would have sent an officer there."


"Because somebody crazy enough to call 911 over a cheeseburger is also crazy enough to pull out a gun and start shooting the place up when they don't get their way. That was a situation that needed to be defused."

Turns out that at a training session she was running, most of the other cops thought the same way.

Just a thought.


Imagine how many cops would have responded if that had been Dunkin' Donuts instead of BK.

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