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February 14, 2005


bob mcmanus

I am not sure Rove would want the grunt work of scheduling that the job entails, but would like a veto and oversight of that scheduling. As deputy I would guess he gets to see the schedule before the President does, which may have not been the case under Andrew Card. I bet he remains "deputy."


It's a point, but Rove might also want some glory for himself. He's spent years as a Carvile or Atwater like figure, I think he's thirsting to legitimize himself.

Brenda Helverson

This theory makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks for your insight!

Let's not forget that Clinton COS Mac McLarty is now in partnership with Henry Kissinger and is undoubtedly raking in the big money. Perhaps Miss Rove is trying to move beyond politics in favor of a much larger form of theft.


"To Legit to Quit"

Gee, I can hardly wait. Maybe he's counting on not having to move out when Jebbie arrives.


Really? Has Bush ever worried about bellyaching over his staff choices? And why would Rove give a shit if he makes waves anyway?


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