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December 08, 2007

So Long; Fare Well

By Deborah Newell Tornello
aka litbrit

Dear Ezra,

I cannot let the evening close without thanking you for your support and wishing you every success in your already-brilliant career.  It has been an honor, as well as a great pleasure, to write for your site.

Oscar Wilde said that "journalism is unreadable and literature is not read", but I believe that between the two, there is a little-known middle ground upon which a lucky few can find balanced footing--that it's possible to draw inspiration and even fuel from each discipline.  Thus the informative becomes artful; the esoteric, nourishing.

And people tend to read it.  As they have here, and as they will continue to do at TAPPED.

On behalf of my family, all of whom are now Hardball watchers on Thursdays, I send a hearty congratulations and a heartfelt and loud Bravo.

All Best,

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Beautifully put, Deborah!

Posted by: Winslow | Dec 9, 2007 10:16:29 AM

yikes, where are you going, deborah? or is it ezra whose going? after tbogg's defection to greener pastures I find I can't often figure these things out.


Posted by: aimai | Dec 9, 2007 11:03:59 AM

hi, I just gave you a link, reciprocate if you like

Posted by: Miss Welby | Dec 9, 2007 11:06:55 AM

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