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November 06, 2007

Open Link Thread

My contribution: Fancy Man Enjoys Tea.

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Sinatra's "My Way" feat. George Bush

Posted by: Lucy | Nov 6, 2007 8:13:03 PM

Will it be better for us when
we dissolve into the ground? Or worse?

Let's learn now - what will happen:
This is lovers' work - to break through
And become the earth - to die before we die.

Don't think of pairing-up somehow with God!
That claim is a religious self-indulgence.

You know it by the smell:
Smoke coming off dried dung...
is different from that of aloe wood!
The Presence - at one second, is soil,
then water, fire, smoke, woof, warp - a friend...

And is too vast - and intimate
for partnership!

Observers watch - as Presence
takes thousands of forms.

But inside your eyes - the Presence
doesn't brighten or dim.

It just lives there.

A mystic can see the tree of heaven -
Its fruit hanging so close...

- Rumi, Ghazal 941

Posted by: Distant Howl | Nov 6, 2007 8:18:04 PM


Posted by: steelhead | Nov 6, 2007 9:21:44 PM

Lucy, that was awesome.

Posted by: Megan | Nov 7, 2007 12:45:19 AM

The Sneeze's "Steve, Don't Eat It!"

The whole blog is pretty good, but this section is just damn gross/funny.

Posted by: verplanck colvin | Nov 7, 2007 8:38:42 AM

To me the war on drugs is by far the biggest issue. Where do the candidates stand on war on drugs?

Posted by: Floccina | Nov 7, 2007 9:15:13 AM

Cuban exile Carlos Alberto Montaner, writing in August 2004, describes Castro's quest to breed a tiny cow that Cubans could keep in their apartments for milk: http://www.firmaspress.com/407.htm

"The creature will provide anywhere from 6.4 to 7.4 quarts of milk a day, and it will be possible to milk her with one hand and applaud with the other, a trick that's always healthy in that type of regime."

Posted by: Winslow | Nov 7, 2007 9:16:26 AM

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