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October 08, 2007

A Day In Your Life

This is very cool. Surveys show that 50-some percent of Americans think the government does very little for them. But what would a day without government look like?

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Nice! What would be *really* fun is a Day-In-The-Life piece where all those services don't simply disappear, but are instead provided by private, for-profit firms.

Posted by: Daniel Munz | Oct 8, 2007 11:32:05 AM

This is not going to convince people on the fence. Many of the programs cited could conceivably done without the coercive hand of government. Objectors will undoubtedly note this and claim that this is the same leftist lack of imagination that gives us all kinds of government intervention: you can't see how the invisible hand will do it, so you prefer the iron fist.

Posted by: Selfreferencing | Oct 8, 2007 11:46:41 AM

Yawn. Government is not an either/or proposition. It's what and how much.

Posted by: ostap | Oct 8, 2007 1:05:41 PM

Meh. I'm sympathetic to the position, but half of these were local or state concerns, and not what people talk about when they talk about "the government". Some were silly or irrelevant (we wouldn't have gas stations? No, we'd just pay before we pumped. And we're a few decades late for snail mail to really be a good deal by any standard) A few, like zoning regulation, can occasionally be actively detrimental.

Posted by: Anthony Damiani | Oct 8, 2007 1:18:19 PM

Jeez, I think I can see myself in those polished apples.

Posted by: Senescent | Oct 8, 2007 2:28:01 PM

It's worse in NYC. When I volunteered to help a campaign for City Council, the more the people we talked to were sure the government had never done anything for them, the more they were likely to be living in a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment, have a public school education, take public transport and qualify for public-subsidized medical care.

Posted by: diana | Oct 8, 2007 8:12:43 PM

chea, it's pretty lame.

Posted by: pimp hand strikes! | Oct 9, 2007 3:57:33 AM

Its the kind of thing that should be read the first day of civics class in high school. Sure it will scare those who spent their lives in homes with anti-government-types and might even reinforce the idea that government is really 'Big Brother', but the sane majority might actually learn to think twice before they bitch about their taxes. It should then be followed by the 'day in the life' without government which should, of course, be spun in the most anarchic, negative manner (may be just take a day in the life in Dafur and recast it for the US) in order to balance out the view for all those boys who have already read 'Atlas Shrugged' ten times.

Posted by: Ricky | Oct 9, 2007 2:33:57 PM

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