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July 02, 2007

Lizza to the New Yorker

Congratulations to Ryan Lizza, who'll be replacing Jeffrey Goldberg as The New Yorker's Washington correspondent. Goldberg was always an odd fit for that job, given his evident distaste for the actual mechanics of American politics. He's much happier promoting disastrous wars and demagoguing Democrats for insufficient levels of hawkery than actually digging into the innards of a campaign. Lizza, by contrast, is a real live political reporter, and he should improve the magazine's political coverage substantially. Goldberg's heading to The Atlantic, where he'll assumedly join Robert Kaplan in writing very long stories about the upsides of American imperialism, and, usefully, they won't have to pretend to actually be about the 2008 Democratic race. By all accounts, Goldberg is very skilled at reporting from the Middle East, as opposed to jamming his opinions on the Middle East into other types of reporting, so these are good moves all around.

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While I share your general assessment, Goldberg's Schumer in a Chinese Restaurant piece was beautiful.

Posted by: Petey | Jul 2, 2007 9:17:30 AM

Lizza's George Allen was a service to the nation. It was the beginning of Allen's downfall.

Posted by: Kathy G. | Jul 2, 2007 9:54:11 AM

I thought the Schumer in a Chinese Restaurant piece was stupid, but then I thought Schumer's "what would white people in Massapequa think" was even stupider. Maybe Goldberg's writing was a subtle send up. Maybe I am not a sufficiently self-critical person to read the New Yorker.

Posted by: Marshall | Jul 2, 2007 10:09:39 AM

Damn, this is bad news for me. My GF gets the New Yorker, and now I'm not going to be able to dazzle her with my brilliance by telling her in advance exactly which tired cliches about Dems and national security will be in each and every Goldberg piece about Dems and, well, whatever.

Anyone else remember that piece of his about Clinton and Obama that started--I kid you not--with, like, two and half columns about why it was such a crying shame that Evan Bayh wasn't going to get to run for president, when, as a perpetually triangulating hawky-hawk, he so clearly *deserved* his party's nomination? I mean, Goldberg always annoyed me, but that's when I realized the dude's pathological.

Posted by: Scott E. | Jul 2, 2007 11:26:14 AM

Goldberg was yet another weird fit for that job, which has sort of a troubled history -- his predecessors were Nick Lemann, who covered Washington from Westchester County; and before that, Joe Klein and Michael Kelly, who both had their own kinds of baggage. Lizza's about the best hire I can imagine.

Goldberg, to his credit, did at least produce a Joe Lieberman profile that contributed a defining image of the Connecticut senator's descent into demented hawkishness: The anecdote where Goldberg happened to witness Lieberman cheering in a movie theater when the American warplanes bomb the hell out of the enemy in the Hollywood shlockfest "Behind Enemy Lines."

Posted by: Ron | Jul 2, 2007 11:36:36 AM

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