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February 05, 2007

Your Assignment, If You Choose to Accept It...

Some enterprising, sharp liberal journalist (Matt Taibbi, maybe?) needs to go on one of these National Review cruises and write up the experience. I mean, you've got guest of honor Arthur Laffer mingling with "Dick Morris(!), Victor Davis Hanson, Ed Gillespie, Michael Steele, Robert Bork(!!), Richard Allen, William Rusher, John Hillen, Mac Owens, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Kate O’Beirne, Jay Nordlinger, and Ramesh Ponnuru." How could hilarity, or awkwardness, or absurdity not ensue? And it just occurred to me that the NR staffers on the cruise almost certainly don't pay for their own tickets. I really need to convinced TAP to start subsidizing my vacations...

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In 1997, Eric Alterman wrote a piece for The Nation about his attendance on one of the National Review cruises. It was hilarious, but it's been done. Not that it wouldn't be great for someone to do it again though!

Posted by: Ankush | Feb 5, 2007 11:56:15 AM

I was just about to write that Alterman did it a while back, but I see I've been beaten. PJ O'Rourke did the reverse (attended a THE NATION cruise, wrote a snotty synopsis for a conservative publication) in the 1980s.

Posted by: FMguru | Feb 5, 2007 12:17:05 PM

Also attending on the cruise: world-famous consulting detective Hercule Poirot. Three days out of San Diego harbour, a lifeless body is discovered on the sundeck. Accident? Or MURDER?

... hey, this practically writes itself.

Posted by: ajay | Feb 5, 2007 12:20:52 PM

Now there’s an idea for a reality show....LIB SWAP.....

Imagine being trapped on a boat with nowhere to go surrounded by the humorless and socially awkward subsidized RW political machine for 7 days...
exposed to speeches that include ....
(BTW these are my best guesses)

- Privatization and its Success in Iraq - Kate OBeirne

- Encouraging a Conservative viewpoint in traditional
bastions of Liberalism - TV and movies (a/k/a RW
Propaganda and You) - Ed Gillespie w. Ramash Ponnuru

- Exposing Hilary Clintons dark vision for a Socialist
America - Dick Morris

- Why Ronald Reagan should be placed on the $100 bill -
Rich Lowry

- Richard Cheney, a profile in courage - Richard Allen

- Late night snacking for the Conservative Soul with
KJ Lopez , foreword by Jonah Goldberg

- Wooing the Blacks - Michael Steele

- Why "Coersive" interrogation works and why it
should be always used in fight against terrorists -
Robert Bork w. Mark Steyn

I can see it on Fox anyday now...

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to get on that boat...that’s a damn Death Wish for any true blue progressive...LOL

Posted by: lib4 | Feb 5, 2007 12:42:29 PM

Being trapped on a ship with a bunch of groupies fanatical enough to pay for a cruise with TAPpers would count as a vacation for you?

Posted by: KCinDC | Feb 5, 2007 12:52:37 PM

To be fair, Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez are being brought along as ballast.

Posted by: Roger Ailes | Feb 5, 2007 1:14:46 PM

Bleech! I'm seasick just reading about the guestlist.
Maybe their itinerary includes the Bermuda Triangle and we'll never hear from them again - or maybe a modern version of Gilligan's Island, with a "3-hour tour" that lasts into infinity!

Posted by: CParis | Feb 5, 2007 3:03:04 PM

Go on the boat, set all the lifeboats adrift (making sure to keep a life vest and survival suit for yourself), open the valves in the bilges, and scuttle her. You'd be doing the world a helluva favor.

If nothing else, you'd get to see Goldberg and Lowry in drag, once that old "women and children first" sea tradition comes up.....

Posted by: sglover | Feb 5, 2007 6:32:23 PM

KC - trapped on a cruise ship with a load of groupies is a holiday for some people.

Posted by: ajay | Feb 6, 2007 5:52:03 AM

Think I can score a used submarine on eBay?

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