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December 10, 2006

Pinochet is Dead

Posted by Shakes

Former Chilean leader General Augusto Pinochet has died.

The general entered a Santiago hospital a week ago after a heart attack. He was thought to be recovering when his condition suddenly worsened on Sunday.

..."He died surrounded by his family," the hospital's Dr Juan Ignacio Vergara told reporters.

Which makes him luckier than any of the thousands of people who "disappeared" during his 17-year rule.  Adios, Augusto.

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I see a reunion in the works: Pinochet, Jeane Kirkpatrick, & Milton Friedman. I somehow doubt "Dictatorships & Double Standards" will persuade their new host.

Posted by: KH | Dec 10, 2006 4:55:20 PM

Also luckier than Ronni Moffitt & Orlando Letelier, who were murdered at his behest in a terrorist bombing in Sheridan Circle here, sometime before Kirkpatrick's article appearered. (Not to harp on the asperities of his neoconservative 1.0 apologists. Nowadays I'm sure they'd abhor him.)

Posted by: KH | Dec 10, 2006 5:06:38 PM

Remind me. How long is the flight to hell?

Enjoy the in flight movie, Pin(8)

Posted by: R/W | Dec 10, 2006 8:38:50 PM

I thought The Left (TM) loved dictators. Shakes, why aren't you mourning Dear Pinochet?

Oh, wait. When Fred and Toke say stuff like that, they're just making stuff up as they go along, with about as much relation to reality as insinuations in the 2003 State of the Union address of the danger posed by Iraq's nuclear program? Never mind.

Posted by: Cyrus | Dec 11, 2006 10:23:43 AM

say hi to satan for me buddy. hopefully, you'll be allowed visitors...

Posted by: christian | Dec 11, 2006 3:38:32 PM

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