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November 25, 2006

Oh J-Pod

You do know how to make me smile.

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the linky doesn't seem to work (for me, anyway).

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Nov 25, 2006 2:00:26 PM

It doesn't work with IE 6 here, but it does with Firefox 2.

Posted by: Mary | Nov 25, 2006 2:26:36 PM

"Maybe it's because I was taken to the parade as a small child and forced to stand in the cold seven deep unable to see a thing."

Midge and Norman sound like shitty parents.

Posted by: Tom Crippen | Nov 25, 2006 2:30:33 PM

At least his body-fur kept him warm.

Posted by: norbizness | Nov 25, 2006 7:24:26 PM

just gives you a real deep down thrill, doesn't it. there is real sickness of the mind afoot in the so-called conservative quarters these days. no wonder they think torture is part of the American way.

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Nov 25, 2006 7:57:16 PM

The best time I had at the Macy's parade was in 1996 when my in-laws were visiting from Brazil. A good friend of mine worked at 54th and Broadway on the second floor. We saw the parade from there and made a party of it.

Posted by: Randy Paul | Nov 25, 2006 8:54:40 PM

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