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October 03, 2006

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars has its third season premiere tonight, and shadowy figures of immense charm and persuasive grace have reminded me to tell all you to watch. I got hooked on VM last season, after my friend Chris Hayes wrote an article explicating the show's explorations of class conflict. As he put it:

Progressives have an annoying habit when it comes to pop culture. Anytime they fall for a particular TV show, movie or Top 40 hit, they proceed to spend inordinate amounts of time and mental energy convincing themselves that while most of what the corporate media produces is reactionary crap, this particular product is actually subversive, laced with a cutting critique of capitalism, patriarchy or the Bush administration.

I mention this only because I’m about to do the exact same thing. But of course, in this case, it’s really, really true: My current television obsession, UPN’s “Veronica Mars”, is the single most compelling exploration of class anxiety and class friction on the little or big screen today.

And believe him: Save for the Wire, it really, really is true. If Karl Marx had written Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars would be the result. Also, it's fantastically entertaining. The premier is tonight at 9/8c on the CW, and the show, which the CW only ordered half a season of, is in danger of being axed. So tune in. Do it for Marx.

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If you only started watching last season, you missed the best episodes. Among VM fandom, it's universally agreed that the first season was better than the second. (The first season is out on DVD now, although if you've seen the second season, a lot of the mysteries will be spoiled for you).

Posted by: Zzedar | Oct 3, 2006 12:23:22 PM

Jane Galt won't like you anymore.

The Marxist Fallacy

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Oct 3, 2006 1:00:29 PM

Huh... I'm not much of a tv watcher anyway, but I had completely dismissed Veronica Mars because the wingnut idiot who draws that godawful Mallard Fillmore occasionally plugs the show.

Posted by: latts | Oct 3, 2006 2:03:37 PM

Seriously? Mallard Fillmore plugs a show about class warfare? Weird.

Posted by: Zzedar | Oct 3, 2006 4:05:51 PM

I am curious how the show will survive the transition to college...where class issues are still obviously present, but the cliquishness of high school is reduced. Will there still be such a sharp divide between 09ers and others?

Posted by: Nathan | Oct 3, 2006 4:57:57 PM

My wife is a fan. I have seen enough. I eschew watching more, since the show offends me on a number of levels, mostly that it is set in "high school" and that it has narration (ugh, the worst post-millenium trend since reality tv). It is okay, but not as good as Homicide was, which is the quality level where I forgive anything.

That said, I love the snappy dialog. It ain't Dashiell Hammett, but it's close.

Posted by: wcw | Oct 3, 2006 9:01:07 PM

hmm - I love the show.

Wallace & Mac -- my favorite characters.

Posted by: geoduck2 | Oct 3, 2006 11:07:42 PM

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