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September 16, 2006

How'd He Do That?

Kevin writes a post I've been literally meaning to write. No kidding, I was going to talk about George Skelton and everything. Was even going to end the same way, wondering how you can oppose a law because it'll work too well. Nuts. Anyway, important topic: Go read.

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For anyone who's interested, my Johnny has supported public financing of elections.

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf | Sep 16, 2006 3:47:26 AM

California's initiative system needs this the most. It's completely hijacked by corporate and party interests.

The pundits' concern for corporations is one of the more peculiar aspects of our national discourse. Another is the way in which individual citizens buy into this concern in such a way as to deny their own interests in favor of large corporations.

Posted by: Stephen | Sep 16, 2006 11:20:01 AM

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