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September 16, 2006

Hillary's Rochester Coattails

by Nicholas Beaudrot of Electoral Math

The news that Democrats have abandoned hopes of significant gains in Upstate New York is dispiritng, to say the least. Hillary has $25M or $30M in the bank at this point, facing essentially zero opposition. In the Governor's race, Elliott Spitzer (D) is headed for a landslide as well. Bush approval is in the toilet, and not just in New York City; once you get outside the Westchester suburbs, he's barely over 30%. The time to swing for big downticket gains is now. There won't be a better opportunity between now and 2010, when Democrats will want full control to maximize their redistricting advantage.

Thankfully, the DCCC has already started walking back from the first article, pledging to empty the piggy bank for Kirsten Gillibrand (D). But New York needs more love. You could really run the same ad in every district too. Think About It.

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Posted by: jonny | Sep 16, 2006 12:06:03 PM

So Nich, you're the best to ask this I guess:
Do coattails matter?

They seem the sort of pretty concept that doesn't have much evidentiary backing.

Posted by: Tony v | Sep 16, 2006 2:58:17 PM

Its annoying the hell out of me too. At the state level we have hte chance of taking the Senate if the big wigs would show they care.

Posted by: akaison | Sep 16, 2006 6:42:35 PM

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