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September 25, 2006

Contemporary Book Reviewing

Echidne explains how:

A very different way of reviewing these books is possible. It could have started with Senior's first paragraph, quoted at the beginning of this post, but it could have then noted that if many formerly quite logical and moderate people suddenly seem to go berserk over something, well, perhaps they have a reason for doing so. Perhaps they have not all suddenly caught some odd mental disease causing unhinged behavior and general ranting and raving. Perhaps something pretty awful has indeed happened and deserves to be analyzed without little jokes scattered over every other page. It's even possible that there are phenomena in this world which do not lend themselves to the false balance Senior appears to suggest.

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That assumes that Senior is honest. It's far more likely that her job was to review the behavior of a lot of people for the sole purpose of casting doubt on what's clearly happening.

Posted by: Barry | Sep 25, 2006 4:55:49 PM

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