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July 05, 2006

Contemplating Calderon

I don't have a whole lot to say on this, but those searching out some informed analysis on Felipe Calderon's likely victory in the Mexican elections should check out this op-ed by former foreign minister Jorge Castaneda.

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Now that Jorge Castenega is ensconsed in NYC teaching, he can afford to say: We were all wrong, and the challenge for the new president isn't how to govern with these dysfunctional institutions but how to replace them with something that works.

Imagine! A pol that admits to failure in a a public place.

But he wants a reform program that clearly won't happen, so Mexico gets more of the same paralysis. I'm tempted to kick butt on a three-party system, but Italy (and France, to some degree) live with governments that can't govern, so I resist the temptation.

Surely a disfunctional government is far better than a government that does nearly everything wrong, like BushCo, so maybe that's a solution. Where's Ross Perot? He could have Joe Lieberman for Veep candidate.

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Jul 5, 2006 1:27:38 PM

Well, there are still a number of votes to be counted so don't count on Calderón likelihood just yet.

Castañeda to his credit has avoided some the historical comments about AMLO, unlike Enrique Krauze. On the other hand, I don't think more of the same is what Mexico needs.

Posted by: Randy Paul | Jul 5, 2006 2:45:00 PM

oops... they admit to not counting 3 million votes. Unlike in U.S. the losing lefty thought that maybe power elite just maybe would steal the election and decided not to graciously give up on first evening of election. whadda ya know.

Posted by: steve | Jul 5, 2006 5:01:33 PM

Sorry: make that not historical, but hysterical.

Posted by: Randy Paul | Jul 5, 2006 9:06:54 PM

for more this check out


More detail on how Obrador is a comparatively moderate social democrat, and this is a real attempt to steal the election on the part of PAN.

Posted by: Gar Lipow | Jul 6, 2006 2:17:05 PM

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