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April 11, 2006

Link of the Day

The two-minute passover. And for all you non-Jews out there, trust me, this pretty much nails it.

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"A funny story: Once, these five rabbis talked all night, then it was morning. (Heat soup now.)"

My favorite part.

The few Jews I know are pretty Secular or at least unobservant. I hope I get to be invited to one of these things before I'm old.

Posted by: Dustin | Apr 11, 2006 5:04:23 PM

I don't know what any traditional greetings or whatever might be, but I hope that Passover is cool and stuff for you.

Um, yeah.

Posted by: Stephen | Apr 11, 2006 5:05:13 PM

that was so funny, ezra!!!
and dustin, i hope you get invited to a beautiful seder sometime. there is a wonderful sense of kindredness...the connections can be very powerful...
and, by the tenth page of the hagaddah, and the fourth glass of wine, even the matzah starts tasting good!!!
may we all find our way out of our wilderness,into the land of miracles.

Posted by: jacqueline | Apr 11, 2006 5:10:37 PM

No Spoiler Alert! They made it out of the desert? Well, so much for my Tuesday night.

Looking thru the listings, I see "Saw" and "Constantine". Guess'll hafta do.

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Apr 11, 2006 5:29:19 PM

Does anyone ever do the part after the meal? I haven't been at a seder that went on to the eating of the Afikomen (mmm, matzah for dessert!) since I was 8. (That, of course, is where the money part comes in, because the seder can not proceed without the hidden matzah, and so the kids are encouraged to find it and hold it for ransom. Good lessons throughout this holiday.)

Posted by: SP | Apr 11, 2006 5:35:12 PM

may we all find our way out of our wilderness,into the land of miracles.

Now see, this just proves that jacqueline is really of a higher class than most of the rest of us. Or at least higher than me. That is exactly what I wanted to say, but instead I was just dorky about it.

Posted by: Stephen | Apr 11, 2006 5:39:37 PM

Does anyone ever do the part after the meal?

One year I went to my cousin's seder. I like her and all, but ... she and her husband are a little more into being Jewish than the rest of the family. We did the whole schmear, start to finish. I haven't been back.

Posted by: Thlayli | Apr 11, 2006 5:46:31 PM

for that nice comment, stephen...you get five chocolate macaroons, matzah brei with sugar and cinnamon and your own miracle.
Baruch Hashem.
...............(and no bitter herbs!)

Posted by: jacqueline | Apr 11, 2006 8:19:50 PM

I had a Jewish roommate studying for a PhD in linical psychology who complained about his family's Passover get togethers and said yet every year I go. Why?

I told him he was a seder masochist.

Thank you, thank you: I'm here all week.

Posted by: Randinho | Apr 11, 2006 8:39:19 PM

Does this have something to do with Edward G. Robinson taunting Charlton Heston?

Posted by: norbizness | Apr 11, 2006 11:53:16 PM

a seder masochist...
..........haha...that's a good one!!!!

Posted by: jacqueline | Apr 12, 2006 11:02:21 AM

The 10-second version:

They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat.


Posted by: Mike Schilling | Apr 12, 2006 7:17:52 PM

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