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October 14, 2005

Those Tricky Internets

The Sandwichman is right, if the good folks running SEIU's Since Sliced Bread contest don't get a bit savvier in a hurry, the freepers will organize, vote, and SEIU, en route to the judging, will have spent a couple months showcasing how tort reform and a full-repeal of Davis-Bacon can help the working man. As of now, "Deport Illegals" and "Stop Whining" are currently atop the list, and neither's much of a new idea. Then, when the panel sifts the gems out of the muck, righties will scream bloody murder over the obvious bias that didn't allow a single one of the Most Active (freeped) ideas into the finals.

See? This is why you can't trust the internets.

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Except, really, who cares? The Freepers will scream bloody murder anyways. And no one in their right mind can expect the SEIU to hand $50,000 to some right-winger for suggesting that people stop whining.

Posted by: Matt Singer | Oct 14, 2005 12:49:36 PM

Since Sliced Bread now has buttons availabe for placement on blogs, websites, etc. You can grab the code at http://www.sinceslicedbread.com/buttons

Posted by: Terrance | Oct 19, 2005 9:14:13 AM

Sliced Bread has shut down its website today, supposedly because of the "overwhelming interest in our 21 finalists." More like the overwhelming interest in complaining about them on the blogs. I'd be curious to see what's left of THAT when it comes back on... bet nothing. The finalists for their "out of the box," "innovative" idea contest ended up being old, tired crusts of bread: universal health care (hey, never heard that one before!) and the like. Some say that some "winning" ideas are just like ideas that were entered first, anyway. People are mad. Scads of them. The contest was botched, and nobody in charge is talking... they keep redirecting the issue, trying to start new blogs with off-topic subjects, but everyone just continues on, hopping mad that they spent so much time trying to review ideas for them, come up with innovative ideas for them (and the prize money, obviously), only to see very NOT original winners for probably a political union agenda. It's sad. Pass the butter.

Posted by: Carrie | Jan 13, 2006 12:15:55 PM

The winning idea and two runners up in the SinceSliced Bread contest sponsored by the Service Employees International Union (ironically this contest was open only to U.S. citizens) were announced on February 1, 2006; see the SinceSliced Bread website:


This idea, like the other 20 "finalist" ideas displayed at the SSB site, fails to comply with the contest rules (also available at the SSB site, in their third or fourth version) requiring ideas submitted to be original. The contest sponsor, SEIU, has induced thousands of people to hand over their intellectual property on the premise that they had a chance to win $100,000 or $50,000 on the merits of their ideas--not on their correspondence with the previously well-publicized political agenda of SEIU--but the latter criterion was the actual principle of selection. All the "finalist" ideas can be found at the SinceSlicedBread website.

While there are many actually original and creative ideas in the ideas database of over 22,000 ideas, the selected ideas have all been published in public policy discussions over the past few decades and some of them even duplicate legislation which has been introduced in Congress.

Additionally, the contest rules established priority of submission as the tie-breaking criterion in the event of multiple submissions of the same or substantially similar ideas. Many of the ideas in the 21 "finalists" list have been shown to have been duplicated by lowered-numbered (and therefore earlier) submissions.

At least one lawsuit has been filed against SEIU, and several complaints have been lodged with the attorneys general of the states of residence of participants.

SEIU has failed to admit to any responsiblity for having compromised the contest and ripped off participants who actually followed the rules.

Hundreds of pages of complaints about this situation have been posted to the SinceSlicedBread blog--which was abruptly removed from their site a few hours before the winners were announced.

The blog includes a great deal of evidence for SEIU's failure to follow its own rules and for the nonoriginality of the selected ideas. I have backed up all the blog threads begun since the "finalists" were announced and I can make these documents available on request.


Kevin Langdon
P.O. Box 795
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 524-0345
[email protected]

Posted by: Kevin Langdon | Feb 2, 2006 2:58:08 PM

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