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August 31, 2005

The American Pie President

Nancy Nall takes the point I was circuitously making in my metaphor-heavy post (hey -- sometimes you just feel like using some imagery!) last night and shortens it into a two paragraph indictment. Well done! And her question stands: why would Bush's handlers, on the day when new Orleans was experiencing perhaps the greatest tragedy in American history, let him be photographed goofing around with a guitar? Why would they let him out at all? If he needed to leave his Ranch Set, they should've forced him to go to a Church Set (it's right across the lot, just take a left when you reach Karl Rove's trailer). Very weird.

Unless Bush's handlers are themselves being handled. Digby's made this point before, but more and more, I'm think it's right. Second term Bush sees himself as a political war god. He is invincible. A senior. Class president. He already got accepted to college (thanks, dad!). He's the big man on campus. Nobody's going to expel him. Hell, nobody's going to discipline him! He doesn't have to listen to his teachers, his guidance counselors, or even his friends. He can do what he wants.

And doesn't that seem to be what he's doing? A month on the ranch, a bike ride with Lance Armstrong, a late-night little league softball game, a quixotic quest to kill Social Security, a play date with country rockers. He's begun to use the presidency to, well, have a little fun. And when Cindy Sheehan tried to ruin VaCay and he said she couldn't detract from his life, he meant it. None of this can. Bush didn't want to be President, he wanted to win the presidency, crush the Democrats, beat his father's record. And so he has! And now, while New Orleans flood and Iraq burns, it's time to enjoy it. He's hired people to deal with the crises, he's got enterprising freshmen completing his homework, he's earned this.


How many dead?

My poll numbers are where?

The 2006 elections could do what?

Fucking flood.

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You got it Ezra.......not to mention that whatever National Gaurd is left in the US is only slowly being shipped to New Orleans....they should have the whole flippin Navy in there evacuating people before disease sets in.
I hope Bush falls, and falls hard.

Posted by: Steve Mudge | Aug 31, 2005 2:15:51 PM

MUCH better.
Now, make sure to note the next time anybody associated with those idiots at the DLC says anything of the sort.

Posted by: Jim Madison's Dog | Aug 31, 2005 3:05:59 PM

I think you & Digby are onto something, Ezra.

Posted by: fiat lux | Aug 31, 2005 10:32:41 PM

So now we've reached the point where twenty-somethings are attempting to give a psychological profile (self-serving, of course) to the president of the United States. You know, I thought that stuff was icky back when pundits were trying to explain away why Clinton would do the things he did and it's no better here.

You could shrink it more by saying "Bush sucks". But, that would make the posts redundant, wouldn't it?

Posted by: RW | Aug 31, 2005 10:35:54 PM

You know, I thought that stuff was icky back when pundits were trying to explain away why Clinton would do the things he did and it's no better here.

so 'clinton did it' transforms into 'hey, we did it to clinton'

poor mephisto. how to find new spin when the Top begins to tip over from fatigue, as they always must?

Posted by: the shreeking ape | Aug 31, 2005 11:45:02 PM

And it gets no better when a strawman is attempted.

Posted by: RW | Sep 1, 2005 6:06:04 AM

Hey! I thought *I* was mephisto!!
Put down the glass pipe and keep your calling of names straight!!

Posted by: Fred Jones | Sep 1, 2005 10:06:10 AM

Remember what George Will said about Poppy's Presidential aspirations in 1988, that George Bush (sr) only wanted to be Commander-in-Chief of a few New England states. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So how did this guy get reelected?

Posted by: dab | Sep 1, 2005 12:28:24 PM

Bush sucks.

Seriously though, I don't know what to make of this. But it chillingly reminds me of Bush on the morning of Sept 11th reading books to the kids. The difference being that there was even more time between the event and when he actually got up and said its time to do business.

Posted by: Adrock | Sep 1, 2005 12:43:35 PM


Posted by: American%20Pie%20The%20Movie | Jun 18, 2008 2:06:52 PM

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