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April 05, 2005

Is This Thing On?

Is there a reason comments have been so dead the last two days? I mean, the hits are doing just fine, but you're all keeping silent. You guys take a vow or you just feeling quiet?

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I ain't sayin'.

Posted by: TJ | Apr 5, 2005 5:23:34 PM

Spring fever.

Posted by: Roxanne | Apr 5, 2005 5:29:19 PM


Posted by: verplanck colvin | Apr 5, 2005 5:29:28 PM

My silence is explained in my comment on "One More Time, With Feeling".

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Apr 5, 2005 5:29:33 PM


That better?

Posted by: August J. Pollak | Apr 5, 2005 5:38:00 PM

I keep clicking but...nothing.

And Jim -- I'll take that ;)

Posted by: Ezra | Apr 5, 2005 5:39:33 PM

Baseball season.

Posted by: Chris Rasmussen | Apr 5, 2005 6:57:04 PM

Damn remote, can't find the volume.

Posted by: PSoTD | Apr 5, 2005 6:59:35 PM

Another swing at the ball:

Dems/Liberals/Independents are completely beaten down by the hopelessness of facing a radical majority party backed or tolerated by the media and great wealth, and mostly ignored or supported by the electorate, while at the same time being leaderless, programless, philosophyless, and just tired.

After being subjected to outrage after outrage, can we be surprised when interest flags?

Keep thinking and writing Ezra, we're reading if not writing.

It may well be that only when your generation reaches the age of entry into elective office at the national level will the pendulum swing the other direction - if we still have a republic to save at that time.

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Apr 5, 2005 7:35:09 PM

Test week.

Posted by: scarshapedstar | Apr 5, 2005 7:43:21 PM

Third swing at bat:

Con Mod Lib
1970's 32 40 18
1980's 36 40 18
1990's 38 41 18
2000's 35 40 18

Chris Bowers

More good stuff at the link, including this:

In short, Brooks could not possibly be more wrong. The reason conservatives have triumphed is not because they argue with one another, but because they have united their vote like never before.

Thirty years of rightward-drifting Rethugs and adrift Dems has taken its toll. It recalls the saying that you can't beat something with nothing.

Posted by: JimPortlandOR | Apr 5, 2005 7:48:13 PM

It's baseball season, we all fell asleep.

Posted by: the drunken cheerleader | Apr 5, 2005 7:59:10 PM

I've been busy smoking crack.

Posted by: jbou | Apr 5, 2005 8:43:19 PM

I've been stunned speechless by your brilliance. Why else do you think I stop by here every day?

Posted by: The Miller | Apr 5, 2005 8:57:39 PM

School done learnt me ta read, but ma ritin ain't so gud.

Posted by: Charles | Apr 5, 2005 9:02:30 PM

It goes like that sometimes. I usually tell myself that it's because I'm so fucking brilliant that I've rendered my readers speechless.

And then I post something really nasty about joe Lierberman and see if gets 'em going. usually works.

Posted by: digby | Apr 5, 2005 9:10:16 PM

Quit your whining. You made your Jesse-less bed, now sleep in it.

Posted by: Boronx | Apr 5, 2005 9:14:01 PM

Nobody here but us chickens.

Posted by: Quiddity | Apr 5, 2005 9:51:29 PM

No offense intended Ezra, I've always been a lurker. Keep on writin', I'm readin'.

Posted by: Serx | Apr 5, 2005 10:21:04 PM

Surely most of us are speechless. The lack of democratic leadership and response to the destruction of this country leaves one speechless. The ruthless and savage attacks on the basic foundations of this nation by the religious right leaves one speechless. The lack of outrage and non-concern by a majority of what I once thought were a reasonable and honest people leaves one not only speechless but so takes one's breath away one is left in a daze.

Posted by: ETnGuy | Apr 5, 2005 10:24:32 PM

Cat (blogging)'s got my tongue.

Posted by: Nash | Apr 5, 2005 10:28:55 PM

Posts too long, subjects too insider, and I'm too busy counting the money I won in my office NCAA pool. If you're going to be all "DNC this" and "Howard Dean that", and you really won't give electorial politics a rest for one week, then at least give us some papal handicapping!

That said, the 66 signatories post was funny.

Posted by: diddy | Apr 5, 2005 10:52:04 PM

Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Guess you were.

Posted by: flory | Apr 5, 2005 10:57:49 PM

[Belatedly rushes into comment section]

Nobody expects the...

Oh bugger.

Posted by: mds | Apr 5, 2005 11:06:56 PM

Oh, Ezra, well you came and you gave without takin'
But I didn't reply, oh Ezra
Well, you blogged and you stopped me from shakin'
And I need you dear guy, oh Ezra!

Standin' on the edge of time
Commentless on posts so fine
Lame excuse? No perfect rhyme
That's worthy of my Ezra Klein
And yet I know you're so divine, oh Ezra....!

Posted by: larkspur | Apr 5, 2005 11:31:13 PM

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