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November 18, 2007

Quote Machine: Culture Clash Edition

From Will Storr vs. The Supernatural, though this bit has very little to do with the book's primary topic (ghosts), and much more to do with a British journalist's confusion over American cuisine:

Back inside, we're presented with confusing breakfasts. There are sausages that are shaped like hamburgers, scrambled eggs with sugar in them, and 'biscuits' that are actually scones.

Good thing no one served up a Mcgriddle.

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I'd be confused by eggs with sugar in them too. Don't think I've ever tried that.

Posted by: mad6798j | Nov 18, 2007 7:47:49 PM

Um...this does not pertain to this post, but to the apparently missing post dissing Garance Franke-Ruta that shows up in my feed, and which I can find a blurb of via search, but not on the site proper. What happened?

Posted by: Josh | Nov 18, 2007 8:04:08 PM

Yeah, that's pretty weird Ezra, I read that post and it was sweet.

Posted by: ChuckBenjamin | Nov 18, 2007 8:11:25 PM

The "GFRbage" coinage was a little over the top -- Neil is 100% right about GFR's pro-Clinton shilling but it's somewhat unfair to try (especially on a high-profile blog like this one) to link GFR's very name to the idea of garbage.

Hopefully the post will be back, with edits. Or, at the very least, posted on Neil's own blog, with a link from this one.

Posted by: Christopher M | Nov 18, 2007 8:16:45 PM

GFR's my colleague, and I didn't think that post appropriate on my blog. In theory, the opinions of my weekend writers aren't mine, but in practice, very few people respect the difference, and I didn't want this to be seen as my post, or a post endorsed by me. So I asked Neil to put it on his site instead.

Posted by: Ezra | Nov 18, 2007 8:19:22 PM


Posted by: Senescent | Nov 18, 2007 8:50:07 PM

You should at least put up a link to the post though. What he said was very true.

Posted by: mad6798j | Nov 18, 2007 9:07:01 PM

Scrambled eggs with sugar!? What is that referring to? The other two things are of course perfectly normal in the US.

Posted by: KCinDC | Nov 18, 2007 10:11:41 PM

Thanks for all of your comments! The post is up, in mildly edited form, at my blog (you can click the name link).

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf | Nov 19, 2007 4:55:40 AM

'biscuits' that are actually scones.

Ain't our fault they call cookies "biscuits", and then had to make up another word for actual biscuits, now is it?

Posted by: Thlayli | Nov 19, 2007 5:49:33 AM

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