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June 07, 2007

I Play Hardball

I'll be on Hardball tonight around 5:30 Eastern to talk 2008 politics.

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Take a sockful of nickels along.

Posted by: Matt | Jun 7, 2007 12:05:07 PM

Also, a bib (or maybe a raincoat) to protect you from Chris Matthews' spittle.

Posted by: Tom Hilton | Jun 7, 2007 12:06:19 PM

lol @ matt!!!

Posted by: Barbarism Begins at Home | Jun 7, 2007 12:07:09 PM

Matthews appears to have a man crush on Affleck. Be prepared for the possibility that his segment could be extended.

Posted by: Rich | Jun 7, 2007 12:07:17 PM

Please, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!

Tell Matthews two things:


And "It's one thing to criticize Hillary Clinton, it's another thing to be a complete goddamned misogynist about it"

Thank you.

Posted by: attaturk | Jun 7, 2007 12:07:44 PM

Please make sure to tell him that "conventional wisdom" is neither.

Posted by: lipreader | Jun 7, 2007 12:08:30 PM

yeah he may have a crush on ben maffleck he may get long when he's on but for god's sake dont let him bump you dood

Posted by: Culture of Truth | Jun 7, 2007 12:10:32 PM

"his segment could be extended."

I don't want to think about Chris Matthews' ANYTHING extended.

Posted by: brendan | Jun 7, 2007 12:11:50 PM

he may have a crush on ben maffleck he may get long when he's on

I have no doubt Tweety will get long, or at least as long as he is able.

Seriously though, tell Mr. Matthews is man-love is a bit unseemly.

Posted by: LittlePig | Jun 7, 2007 12:12:50 PM

What that crazy Turkish guy said.

And maybe ask him how much does he think Mitt spends on his haircuts?

Posted by: Duckman GR | Jun 7, 2007 12:13:24 PM

Please ask him if any of the males (Republican or Democrat) running for president sound "shrill?"

Posted by: res ipsa loquitur | Jun 7, 2007 12:15:15 PM

Ask him if pictures of dead Iraqi children get him off as much as Bush's package.

Posted by: Speedy | Jun 7, 2007 12:16:26 PM

No matter how strong the urge is, refrain from saying, "If you love Rudy so much why don't you marry him?"

And, for the love Jehovah, if you know what the topic is going to be, write notes with lists of real data on them. Matthews gits away with saying the craziest crap because no one challenges him on it.

Posted by: nitpicker | Jun 7, 2007 12:16:55 PM


I'd mention the most interesting and gutsy thing that a candidate has done in this campaign, calling bullshit on the GWOT.

Posted by: david mizner | Jun 7, 2007 12:18:44 PM

Will you be allowed to bring notecards? because I'd want to bring a box full of them indexed by subject with stupid quotes or irrational statements made by him to use to slap him silly with every time he acted stupid.

Posted by: IMU | Jun 7, 2007 12:19:09 PM

No sense suggesting what you should tell him. Tweety's guests must mostly listen to the blabbermouth and rarely have a chance to speak.

Posted by: mike in pr | Jun 7, 2007 12:20:47 PM

See if you can sneak Digby and Somerby in with you. Now that would make for entertaining television!

Also recommended: stealing a microwave.

Posted by: Royko | Jun 7, 2007 12:23:30 PM

If you plan on just sitting there with a stupid grin on your face, please don't bother.

If you're actually gonna tell Tweety the FUCKING TRUTH with no regard as to whether you'll be asked back again, then I'll watch.

Posted by: dave™© | Jun 7, 2007 12:23:41 PM

Tell him you during break you were watching Tarzan on late night TV and couldn't get the thought out of your head that it would be great to boink Maureen O'Sullivan. Matthews loves old movies and Irish broads so mention Jane and you'll be in like Flynn.

Posted by: joejoejoe | Jun 7, 2007 12:25:27 PM

Be prepared for the usual stupid stuff from Tweety. I assume the interviewer controls the agenda.

You might try changing the subject to how insane the Repub candidates sound, instead of their broad manly shoulders.

Posted by: ronin | Jun 7, 2007 12:26:05 PM

Please tell Chris Matthews to get over his unseemly obsession with the Clintons' sex life.

Thanks, and good luck!

Posted by: kc | Jun 7, 2007 12:28:35 PM

I'll give you $100 if you get tossed off the show for telling Matthews he's insane. Really, I will.

Posted by: porgy tirebiter | Jun 7, 2007 12:32:06 PM

Whatever you do, don't look directly into Chris Matthews' eyes...

Posted by: Melissa McEwan | Jun 7, 2007 12:34:59 PM

Why Ezra?

I thought you were the "good Klein". What are you doing going on the show of that reprehensible scum?

Posted by: Nan | Jun 7, 2007 12:37:35 PM

I'll give you $100 if you get tossed off the show for telling Matthews he's insane.

Im in for $100 too. In fact, make that $200.

Posted by: brent | Jun 7, 2007 12:41:52 PM

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