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April 03, 2006

The Cowardly Lions

Mannion just wrote one of those posts that many -- myself included -- have tried to pen, but lacked the talent to definitively articulate. It's on the psychology of the rightwing fear-mongers, and he gets the causal connection between their conscious projection of inflated terror and their blustering rhetorical bravery just right.

Read him.

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Lance does a good job of simulating "stream of conciousness". That has an elegance of its own.

Posted by: opit | Apr 3, 2006 7:23:39 PM

He does the "this sentence is so important it gets its own paragraph" thing too often.

Posted by: Iron Lungfish | Apr 3, 2006 10:10:56 PM

I often wonder why I don't bother to read lance mannion, aside from the improbable name, but that post reminds me. Its nearly incoherent, its quite dull, and it takes what feels like hours to get to the point. Lots of bloggers did a better job on the hewitt hysteria, I can't even begin to imagine why you thougth mannion worth reading on the topic.


Posted by: aimai | Apr 4, 2006 10:28:15 AM

I feel after aimai's slam that I should say I like his actual words a whole lot; the paragraph formatting is just a pet peeve with me.

Posted by: Iron Lungfish | Apr 4, 2006 10:47:25 AM

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