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November 30, 2005

Sy Speaks

Says Sy Hersh:

Suffice to say this, that this president in private, at Camp David with his friends, the people that I'm sure call him George, is very serene about the war. He's upbeat. He thinks that he's going to be judged, maybe not in five years or ten years, maybe in 20 years. He's committed to the course. He believes in democracy.
He's a utopian, you could say, in a world where maybe he doesn't have all the facts and all the information he needs and isn't able to change.

I'll tell you, the people that talk to me now are essentially frightened because they're not sure how you get to this guy.

We have generals that do not like -- anymore -- they're worried about speaking truth to power. You know that. I mean that's -- Murtha in fact, John Murtha, the congressman from Pennsylvania, which most people don't know, has tremendous contacts with the senior generals of the armies. He's a ranking old war horse in Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. The generals know him and like him. His message to the White House was much more worrisome than maybe to the average person in the public. They know that generals are privately telling him things that they're not saying to them.

And if you're a general and you have a disagreement with this war, you cannot get that message into the White House. And that gets people unnerved.
You know, Wolf, there is people I've been talking to -- I've been a critic of the war very early in the New Yorker, and there were people talking to me in the last few months that have talked to me for four years that are suddenly saying something much more alarming.

They're beginning to talk about some of the things the president said to him about his feelings about manifest destiny, about a higher calling that he was talking about three, four years ago.

Scary stuff.

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Message from God. Upbeat. Delusional. Scary Prez we have right now. My goodness, he has made such a mess, and has no idea how to fix it, except for staying the course, which has worked so well up to the present.

Posted by: larkohio | Nov 30, 2005 3:15:01 PM

Actually, the delusions of George got plenty of media coverage before the last election....what gets me is why a majority of Americans still voted for him....and now they're shocked?! One aquaintance of mine voted for him because he thought the housing boom would last longer....maybe the US deserves Bush.

Posted by: Steve Mudge | Nov 30, 2005 4:36:27 PM

As a country, we've put mental/emotional/personality disorders so far back in our priorities that when faced with a leader who may not be hitting on all the cylinders we have no Constitutional way of dealing with it because it was not really considered.

We are not equipped to deal with Bush gone wacko.

As it becomes clearer that something is rotten in the Oval Office, the few adults in the Repub. party who might speak out or take some sort of coordinated action will be sorely tested.

How do Republicans spell leadership crisis? How does the country confront potentially eminent danger in the head of the executive branch of government? (pun intended, even if beyond humor)

Posted by: JimPortandOR | Dec 1, 2005 3:39:51 AM

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