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October 30, 2005

Tough Talk With Chuck Schumer

By Pepper of the Daily Pepper

New York's Chuck Schumer gave "Face the Nation" viewers a treat this morning with the following line:

And the president ought to do his own internal investigation of the vice president's office, see what happened, set some standards, and if need be, take the vice president to the woodshed.

I'm more accustomed to imagining Cheney spanking Bush. I think that's a more likely scenario, but I like the sudden role reversal. But what would Bush say if he takes Cheney out to the woodshed? "I'm sorry, Dick, but this hurts me more than it does you?"

Bob Schieffer latched on to this statement like a kid who learned a new dirty word, asking two guests, Lindsey Graham and WaPo's Dan Balz, if indeed Bush should "take Cheney to the woodshed." Hearing Bob Schieffer talk that way was kind of fun. Now that the media has a hot new phrase, courtesy of Senator Schumer, is it a sign that they too will take the administration to the woodshed?

Reuters is already all over it, plugging Schumer's line into a recent story summarizing the Sunday-morning-talk-show call for investigation into the vice-president's office. Democrats have been in search for good bumper-sticker slogans, but now I think that the call should be "take 'em to the woodshed!"

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Schumer's a piece of work but that was a very crafty comment--the more so for being very funny. Everyone had to imagine that scenario and everyone recognized it as preposterous.

Posted by: BroD | Oct 30, 2005 4:30:51 PM

I will ignore the cheap shot at me which was totally unjustified, and simply point you to this Mother Jones article in which Hackett yet again criticizes Brown for being a "very liberal Democrat." The guy is running as a conservative, claiming he can win votes because of it. He's made no bones about that. What's strange is that his backers on the blogs are trying to make people forget that.

Why? Because they know that if progressives in the blogosphere catch onto this, they might not be so happy. It's the same way Hackett has changed his position on the Iraq War, but his backers on the blogs don't want anyone to know. It's very sad, especially for a campaign that claims it is all about being a "straight-shooter."

The straight-shooter is Brown - all you have to do is look at his voting record.

Posted by: David Sirota | Oct 30, 2005 6:38:31 PM

Just so you know, David Sirota's comments were meant for the piece above this one on the Ohio Senate race. You may now return to your spanking-related amusements.

Posted by: Neil the Ethical Werewolf | Oct 30, 2005 8:26:59 PM

I was really perplexed there! I wanted to know how my "woodshed" comment would have teed off anyone but a member of the Bush administration. I will return to my spanking-related amusement.

Posted by: Pepper | Oct 30, 2005 9:37:19 PM

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