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August 12, 2005

Spending More Time With the Family

Digby thinks the furor NARAL created with their ad was planned, that the pull was all part of the strategy. I'm not so sure. Particularly now that they've fired their ad director, a move that speaks of a campaign gone wrong, not right. Maybe NARAL can still spin this into a victory and use it for the long-term purposes Digby's identifying, a phoenix from the ad's ashes. But today, for now, it looks like they're doing some wailing and gnashing of teeth over at headquarters. (Via The Corner)

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Yep, the right-wing attack machine has certainly done it's job if it convinced Jon Stewart and Al Franken to join in the fray. More details here

Posted by: ItAintEazy | Aug 13, 2005 10:56:28 AM

The ad was a lie, no matter what NARAL says. If there was even a hint of truth they would not have pulled the ad. I just hope it shows the Zell Miller Democrats who still vote Democrat, I hope it shows them who runs the Democratic party.

I hope it also shows that Democrats will say anything, no matter how far from the truth it is, if they can fool a few people into believing it is true. Another example of the 'used car salesmen' mentality of the modern Democratic party.

This ad was so blatantly false that Democrats had to distance themselves from it. The ad ended up giving Roberts a few more Democratic confirmation votes. Red state Democrats do not want to be associated with NARAL.

Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 11:20:57 AM

By the way, I love how whenever a Democratic lie is exposed it is the work of 'the right wing attack machine'.

Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 11:23:04 AM

Thanks, Captain Toke, for demonstrating what psychologists call "projection". Look at my link, everything the NARAL ad said was true, the right-wing smear machine of which you are perfectly familiar with was just making noise about a supposed "timeline" when, indeed, the defendants took part in those terroristic activities/advocacies well before Roberts wrote a amicus brief defending them.

Posted by: ItAintEazy | Aug 13, 2005 11:38:34 AM

and please, detail all the lies, so if you still have any doubt I'll debunk them for you once and for all.

Posted by: ItAintEazy | Aug 13, 2005 11:42:24 AM

ItAintEasy to rationalize these lies, but go for it.

NARAL's ad said Roberts supported a convicted clinic bomber and excuses violence against Americans.

From factcheck.org:

Roberts argued that abortion clinics who brought the suit had no right use an 1871 federal anti-discrimination statute against anti-abortion protesters who tried to blockade clinics. Eventually a 6-3 majority of the Supreme Court agreed, too. Roberts argued that blockades were already illegal under state law.

In words and images, the ad conveys the idea that Roberts took a legal position excusing bombing of abortion clinics, which is false. To the contrary, during the Reagan administration when he was Associate Counsel to the President, Roberts drafted a memo saying abortion-clinic bombers "should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law." In the 1986 memo, Roberts called abortion bombers "criminals" and "misguided individuals," indicating that they would get no special treatment regarding requests for presidential pardons. Reagan in fact gave no pardons to abortion-clinic bombers.

The woman in the ad, Emily Lyons, was injured by a bomb blast at the New Woman/All Women Health Clinic in Birmingham on January 28, 1998 that also killed an off-duty police officer.

The brief that Roberts signed, and on which the NARAL ad is based, is from another matter entirely. It is dated April 11, 1991. Furthermore, it is from a civil lawsuit brought by abortion clinics against protesters who were blockading the clinics. Bombing was not an issue.

By the way, justifying lies cost Democrats votes. Telling a lie and then saying "Oh, we are just trying to bring the disciussion to the table" after the lie has been debunked makes Democrats look like used car salesmen. But keep it up!

Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 12:02:52 PM

If it wasn't their strategy from the beginning, it should have quickly morphed into their strategy. Remember, the success of the bullshit Swift Boat ads came in the post-airing discussion, not in the airing of the ads themselves.

And Captain, I can't imagine that posting already answered and refuted objections from factcheck is going to win you much support, assuming, of course, that that's what you're looking for.

Posted by: Incertus | Aug 13, 2005 12:40:08 PM

NARAL's rebutal to factcheck.org:

Roberts represented a Republican administration, therefore he is for bombing abortion clinics.

That is a sound argument.

Keep it up!

Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 12:47:25 PM

"the bullshit Swift Boat ads"


Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 12:49:07 PM

Sorry, Toke, the ad still says that Robert sided with convicted abortion bombers and those who advocate killing abortion doctors, which is still true the last time I checked.

And the abortion bomber Roberts sided with was convicted of the act in [b]1985[/b], yet Roberts still filed a brief on their behalf so there is no issue with timelines as Factesque.com tries to assert. And yes he is cut out of the same cloth as those who bombed the abortion clinic in 1998 last time I checked.

Wait a minute, I'm just wasting time on some troll who doesn't know how to click on a link. Arg.

Posted by: ItAintEazy | Aug 13, 2005 1:46:40 PM

I'm not sure this ad director was fired. After all, it's possible that when NARAL decided to pull the ad, the ad director saw this as being too soft and decided to leave.

Posted by: Lavoisier1794 | Aug 13, 2005 3:19:38 PM

I checked your link and summarized NARAL's argument above:

Roberts represented a Republican administration, therefore he is for bombing abortion clinics.

I also actually spell out why the ad is bullshit(thanks to factcheck.org) and you retort with:

And the abortion bomber Roberts

You are a fool. If there was ANY truth to the ad, it would still be running.

Keep it up! People like you are the reason Republicans are in power. And keep on drinking the kool-aid.

Posted by: Captain Toke | Aug 13, 2005 4:33:06 PM

Can We Talk

The strategic or tactical arguments have gone way past me by now, and I am just all confused. Especially since there appear to be about as many opinions as bloggers. Here Sterling Newberry adds his 2 cents, with a link to DCMediaGirl

Posted by: bob mcmanus | Aug 13, 2005 6:00:16 PM

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